Am I the only one?

Posted: June 14, 2008 in Random

Sometimes I wonder if I am the only ex-teacher that wasn’t thrilled about summer breaks?  Don’t get me wrong I like time off and could always use more.  I just liked the spring break format better…one week at a time.  I just don’t like too much at one time, because I get bored easily.  I need projects, stuff to do, things to think about, and objectives to meet.  Some people volunteer a lot, others work on an old car, some buy a home in another part of the country, but I think everyone needs a way to switch it up.

I often wonder though, when I hear people talk about long vacations, time off, winning the lottery and wanting to quit their job if they really want that to happen.  Carrie and I take shorter vacation now then when I was a teacher and had no kids.  The reason isn’t gas prices, expenses, or babysitting for Micah.  Nope, its because we don’t like to be away for that long and it gets boring.  Seriously, how many days can you sit on the beach and stare at the ocean?

I think this is part of the reason you don’t read much in the Bible about anyone retiring.  Instead the authors assign great praises to those able to those able to still see and work when they are old, because they could actually contribute something.  I want to die doing my job and making meaningful contribution to the Kingdom of God.  I don’t want to waste the days, where I know the most (and could make the greatest impact) and should have the best relationship with the LORD (because of years of praying, listening, and obeying), off up in some mountain cabin shooting animals.

But, maybe it’s just me?


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