Guided Tour

Posted: June 18, 2008 in Random

I am imagine that I won’t be the first, or the last staff person, to write about the purchase of our first permanent facility.  This wasn’t one of the goals we set out to accomplish when Oak Leaf Church was launched in the summer of 2006.  Actually, I have heard it said, rather regularly, that we would love to never have a permanent facility and expand the Kingdom of God by opening new campuses at any rented facility that we can find.

What really changed things for us, when it came to the House of Rock, was the fact that we could get a great location, a cool facility, and actually save money from what our current strategy has been.  When you couple that with the fact that we are ready to re-launch a campus at the Movie Theater, what’s not to love.  Two locations in the middle of town for the same amount of money that it cost us for one and offices…come on even a Tennessee fan could get that one right!?

OK, the guided tour.  In light of the fact that we can’t take hundreds of people through the facility I am going to post pictures and progress reports on getting everything ready to have church in exactly two months.

Here are a couple…

  1. […] June 18, 2008 · No Comments We are heading back to the Movie Theater here in Cartersville, this August and there is a nice buzz about it as well. We have also purchased a bar. You read it right…a really cool bar. This will be a second site for us to support or services on Sunday in Cartersville. Anthony ahs put up some pictures and wrote a nice clip on it. Check it out “The House of Rock“. […]

  2. beloved89 says:

    Can the high schoolers claim those pool tables??!

  3. alex mclean says:

    I vote on leaving the bud light lamp!

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