Too much time on my hands…

Posted: June 21, 2008 in Random

Phase I:

Phase II:

Phase III:

  1. Shoulda stopped at Stage II.

  2. Josh Roberts says:

    is that vin diesel?

  3. Mitch Moyer says:

    stay away from my family.

  4. carrie says:

    i leave you alone for 3 days and look what happens……

  5. Laurel says:

    You must have been having a Brittany Spears moment!

  6. J says:

    This third picture looked like one I saw on America Most Wanted, I think I’ll make the call…..

  7. Jonathan S. says:

    I’m very nervous around you now…but I’m getting used to it. Please where hats. That would help.

  8. Jonathan S. says:

    oops…”wear” not “where”

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