We have Gideon all wrong Part I

Posted: June 24, 2008 in Theology

I am going to make few assumptions to start out here, but I am pretty confident they are true.  First, I am going to assume most people don’t think of Gideon as a fearless leader with huge faith, they think of him as that fleeces guy.  Second, I think that although most people (who read the Bible or have heard a lot of sermons) will remember the incredible story of God using Gideon and 300 men to defeat an army of tens of thousands.  Those are probably the highlights that most people remember.

Here are my thoughts…Gideon was a cool dude, with huge faith, who God used to do some great miracles that should be remembered for stepping out in faith, not asking questions or being unsure.

If you haven’t read Judges 6 and 7 before reading on you should.

If you look at how the whole thing went down you will notice that Gideon is working hard to provide for his family/clan threshing wheat in the wine press. The angel’s “Mighty hero…,” comment wasn’t sarcastic, it was a pep talk.  Furthermore, the first thing Gideon did when he realized what was going on was worshiped, because he recognized that this was an important moment.

In order to correct the abuse Gideon has had to deal with, I want to highlight what he did before the “fleeces.”

1. He saw and angel of the Lord face to face.

2. He went into a community and torn down their alter to Baal and the Asherah pole.  The equivalent of going into a community and burning down a porn store or bull-dozing a brothel.  Not likely to be cheering in Las Vegas if you flew out there and did that.

To Be Continued…


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