We have Gideon all Wrong Part II

Posted: June 26, 2008 in Theology

Judges 6:34 says that right after Gideon sticks his neck out and knocks over every idol in town that displeased the Lord, the “Spirit of the Lord cam upon him.”  Right after that is when the “fleeces episode” went down.

Maybe the Spirit of Lord left immediately after He came and if so, Gideon’s requests was all about fear and had nothing to do with the typical reason God does miraculous things.  According to the Bible it’s usually, because He wanted Israel to have stories to pass along to show His power, His faithfulness, to keep Israel humble and to elevate the leader. I imagine that Gideon could have used the story of fleeces to rally the troops.  It’s obvious it didn’t work since 22,000 men left, but it’s very possible he told it to them.

I don’t know if it’s a weakness to need a little motivation to go forward to attack more then 120,000 swordsman.  It’s quite possibly the equivalent of me and my son Micah (who is 19 months old) playing the Boston Celtics 2 on 5 and winning. Yet many people would dog him out for needing confirmation after confirmation to go forward. Maybe that was a weakness maybe it makes for a great story.

I think the most important confirmation that Gideon’s story wasn’t just a tale of a chicken doing great miracles it is place in Hebrews 11.  You don’t make it in that chapter of the Bible unless you were a great person of faith.

Come on everyone cut Gideon some slack.


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