Staff Retreat from Chattanooga

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Random

I think staff retreats are an interesting invention.  I am guessing that they were first created as a spiritual hiadeous from the mundane in an effort to recharge everyone’s batteries.  Now I think they are a little team building, extra focused work time, a little rest, and a little spiritual boost.

Mostly I think they are good, but it’s hard to direct/manage a group of 10 people, who all have opinions, keep them focused, when there is internet access and cell phones, and still make good progress.  Maybe next year we need to hire a Drill Sargent to direct the staff through all of the discussion and events of the week…wouldn’t that be a nice surprise.

Here is a shot from one of our “retreat sights,” the Tennessee River.  We had a little rock throwing contest and I am going to declare myself the winner.  While some of the staff threw girly little pebbles a decent distance, I threw a brick!


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