Just throwing the football…

Posted: July 5, 2008 in Random, Theology

One of the quickest ways to make you feel old is to do some simple, non-major activity and wake up the next morning and hurt all over.  You know what mean…you decide to go to the gym and your muscles ache the next week, you went for a long walk, and now your legs are killing you, or you mowed the lawn with your shirt off and your back is toast.

Often the singular common enemy is letting yourself get out of shape.  I am not talking about the kind of shape that let’s you run a marathon I am talking about a well-rounded shape that lets you take part of the things you like to do and keeps you ready for what might happen in the near future.

I think of Jesus illustration from Matthew 25, where the ten virgins waiting for the bridegroom weren’t ready for him to show up, so they got left out.  In the same chapter, the famous parable of the talents, where some of the men who were given money to make more either didn’t because they were lazy or didn’t because they couldn’t.

When I woke up with morning after throwing the football and playing 20 minutes of two-hand touch, I first thought, “wow am I sore.”  Then I thought, “wow am I out of shape.”  I used to play flag football on at least two teams every year and today I feel like I just finished a fight in the UFC.

I think both the Bible and life teaches that you need to be prepared for anything.  We don’t know when God will send Jesus back, we don’t know what God will call us to do, we don’t know when us or our family will experience some tragedy and we don’t know what we need to do to prepare.

What if God wants you to hike through mountains in China to hand deliver Bibles, could you do it?  What if you are going to need that MBA for the next job He will call you to, have you signed up for the classes?  What if you are going to have another kid, but you still haven’t made progress on that debt?

Maybe God doesn’t bother asking us, because it’s too much work to get us ready, maybe it’s because we are too out of shape, and maybe because there is someone else ready with their game face on, in shape, prayed up, and looking for a fight?


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