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Posted: July 9, 2008 in Random

It’s a little premature, but I am nonetheless in somewhat of a debate as to what the smart move is in regards to our next vehicle choice.  As a family we currently have a Honda Accord and a Ford F-150.  Both are arguably the best in their class (the F-150 was the best selling vehicle 26 years in a row…not truck, vehicle), so you can’t go wrong with either one.

We are having this debate, because we are expecting a Gratto baby to arrive in January and aren’t sure that we can get the kid’s space and convenience out of the Honda and the F-150.  The first line of thinking is that we should just buy a Honda Odessy mini-van and be done.  I could save gas by driving her old car to work every day and avoid the normal $400 a month in gas expenses for my truck.

The real puzzle though (because I get conflicting advice) is if we should get a mini-van over a decent gas mileage SUV.  I know mini-vans are decent when it comes to gas mileage, but they aren’t great.  Plus, do your really need a mini-van with 2 kids?  I know people that have them for one, but they are goof-balls. Another hurdle is convincing my wife to go outside the Honda family and to avoid losing the pickup truck.  I can’t exactly get the boat to the lake to fish with a Honda Accord and going with a mini-van is ghetto.

So, I am really asking these questions…mini-van or SUV?  Honda Odessy or a plethera of other choices?  Do nothing and keep the Honda Accord or lose it and get another vehicle?  Throw a cargo next in the back of the pickup and just tie them all down?


  1. Mark says:

    Hey man, just tie them in the back or get a Tonneau cover and let them roll around in the back…

  2. Josh Roberts says:

    i may be speaking premature – but i don’t think i could make the leap to mini van life. it just seems so domestic.

  3. I’ve been there. For years. Here’s my current take.

    My truck is paid for. So is her car.

    When it’s time to lose my truck, I’m going fuel efficient something. Like, super fuel efficient.

    The pivot point in all of this is, I have the boat, so my fishing partner(s) will have to pull it.

    That’s the plan, at least.

  4. agratto says:

    I am too scared of never fishing again. One guy I fish with drives a car and the other a Honda CRV with no tow package. When my fishing buddies all have 4 x 4’s that could work.

  5. matt shultz says:

    Get the Van…..You won’t be sorry! Trick it out with the guy things so you can still keep your man card while hauling your family in style.

    I would go for the Honda Odyssey…..We have had a Town & Country for the past 5 year (paid for!) and it was been great for trips.

    We have had 2 kids the whole time……Of Course #3 is on the way so we really need it now.

    Don’t be scared they make those gator sun shades to man it up a bit. (Of course a real man would grab for the bulldog one)

  6. Mitch Moyer says:

    we have 3 kids and do it in a Durango 6 cylinder. it can be done in a suv.

  7. Michael says:

    no matter what matt says, you cannot trick out a mini-van with things guys love. you cannot trick out a skirt to make it manly. or get a manly shade of eyeliner.

    this is an easy question. you only have two kids…put them in the backseat of either car and be done with it.

  8. Nathan says:

    i agree with michael…OR get a smaller suv that can haul some and get good gas mileage. my jeep patriot is really good on gas, but can’t haul much. check out something like that or maybe a honda pilot or element…it’s like you said, plethora of other choices there.

  9. Tanya A. says:

    I’m on the van side – at the very least for Carrie 🙂 Here’s the deal – yep, you’ll have two kids and they are small right now, but they grow and so does their “stuff” and their friends. So where will Carrie put their bikes if she wants to take them out riding and you are at work with the truck? Where will their friends go when she picks them up for a playdate or a spend the nite camp-out? You will need a big SUV to fit 4 kids.

  10. Kimberly says:

    #1… just because it is the most popular/best selling doesn’t mean it will work for your situation. (Sorry, but I have a bias with popular so ignore this one).
    #2… I’ve have driven a car, pickup, SUV and minivan with my kids and while I prefer the minivan for convenience the other 2 were do-able.
    #3.. You should probably keep your truck. If you are that into the whole boat thing it would be a shame to limit that just because you have more kids. Also as your guy(s) get older you will want to get them out there with you on a regular basis I would think.
    #4.. My main concern with having a 6-7 passenger car isn’t for the kids, but was due to having out of town family. This way we could all fit in one vehicle when they were around and we wouldn’t have to take 2 cars… one kids you can squeeze 2 grandparents in the back with, but with 2 it isn’t going to work.
    #5.. I would say keep what you’ve already got it is workable, but the minivan will make it easier on you.

  11. Josh says:

    Agreeance w/ Michael. Unless the minivan has a kegerator and 50 inch plasma, it’s still not manly. (I say as I drive around in my non-so-manly Honda Accord …) I say, how about a motorcycle with one of those side cars? You could probably get two kids in the side car and the little woman can sit behind you and hold to you. That would be sweet, man.

  12. Josh Roberts says:

    Michael is so good at making decisions.

  13. mattshultz says:

    Be the Van….The Van is your home…..Go to your home!

  14. jamiegoodwin says:

    Ask Will about SUVs vs. vans. While in college, yes college, he drove a minivan and was able to pull a trailer with it. Then he traded in the minivan for the conversion van (I couldn’t stand that car unless I was in it – then it was amazing). Now that he has a manly SUV, you can ask him what the best options would be. I was surprised that he hasn’t expressed his strong opinion yet.

  15. Dana says:

    we have had a van and a suburban. i would definately think in terms of when the kids are older. also carrie is going to need a double stroller. i would investigate seriously which car the stroller will fit into and also take into consideration traveling and groceries. you will be amazed at how much space you need. and in regards to michael’s comments i remember jennie having to rearrange some stuff at one point to fit everybody and everything into the smaller suv. vans are better on gas than large suv’s.

  16. Laurel says:

    NO VAN! Not necessary. Only have two goods. Get a large car or a small SUV. I drive a Kia Sorrento and it is wonderful and cheap, but the gas milesage is probably on a hair better than your truck. NO MINI VAN! Or station wagon.

  17. Jonathan S. says:

    Based on the amount of comments you’ve had over choosing a vehicle, I’ve concluded the following: We should plant a church in a car dealership.

  18. agratto says:

    After the thesis written on the subject and careful consideration we have decided just to give our kids up for adoption and save the money.

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