Holiness Lesson from an HD TV

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Random, Theology

Today we went on the hunt for a television to replace my parent’s old TV.  Their old TV got struck by lightning through the cable of all places.  When the repair guy told them it would cost as much to fix as it would to get a new one (which is probably a ploy to let him keep it, so he can fix it for his newly finished basement lounge) they decided it was time to upgrade.

If you haven’t been shopping for a TV in a while you will notice when you venture out to look for a new set that you really can’t find a non-HD TV anymore…not even at Wal-Mart.  So, my parents (with a little guidance from my friends) decided to go with a Vizio 32″ HD TV.

Here is what I learned…

When we hooked it up to cable (not a digital or HD signal) and it looked really bad.  The picture was grainy and actually mad my Dad so mad he made us turn it off (he just paid $600 for a crappy picture).  So, as a good son would do, I looked through the manual and called the cable company for some guidance.  Here is the conclusion…

The TV’s ability and quality actually forces you to see the imperfections in the signal, because it magnifies the input and shows you how lousy you picture actually looks.  Basically, the TV helps you know how bad you had it before with the lousy TV you used to own.

You might see where I am going.  You feel pretty good about yourself when you are around lost people, or lukewarm Christians.  You puff up your chest and hold your head high when you actually prayed or read your Bible five days in a row.  Problem is you will get a huge does of reality if you start reading Isaiah’s confession of coming in contact with a holy God, it will blow you mind if you think of what kind of self-control it took Jesus to live for 30+ years without sinning.  As Christians we overlook holiness, because we often don’t use all of the avenues to see how utterly despicable we are when we rely on our own goodness.

Just be careful what signal you use to see how you are doing when it comes to every Christians pursuit…“be Holy because I am Holy.”


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