Not Cool…

Posted: July 11, 2008 in Random

I got up this morning with dream of iPhones dancing in my head…it was soon a nightmare.

Initially, I went to the gym to play basketball at 6 AM and helped reinforce the myth that white men can’t jump.  Next, I drove by an AT&T wireless store to see if there would be a line.  The answer was yes, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated.  Consequently, I went home to take a shower.  Before getting back to the store I got a book, a sweat tea, and a chicken biscuit and then parked the car.

In no other circumstances on God’s green Earth would I consider waiting in line in 99% humidity with 250 perfect strangers, but hey I am on vacation.  So, I parked the car got in line and quickly thanked the guy who walked up behind me for not making me feel stupid for being last.

I will fast forward, past the last bite of biscuit, tossing the sweat tea cup, and to the point where the guy from the AT&T store is whispering to the first 6 or 7 people in the front of the line.  As I saw heads start to shake, people leave the line and the life leave the crowd I ventured forward to get the scoop.

First, they are out of 16 Gig iPhones, next they only have 3 more 8 Gig iPhones and next they want us to give them our money and come back in 5-10 business days to pick one up.  After I quickly did the math, 3 iPhones, 33 people in front of me I hit the roof.  I murmured something PG rated under my breath and headed back to the car.  I got about to the door and said, “wait a minute, this is insane!”

So, I stormed back to the front of the line and found the first AT&T employee I saw.  I said, “did you guys realize that the iPhone was coming out today? Did you think those guys sleeping on the sidewalk were here to clean the windows?  How do you run out?”  After some lame excuse of only being allotted X number of phones, I said, “well why did you let us all stand here and waste 2 hours of our life and not tell us and hour ago?  Can you not count? There are 300 people out here sweating and waiting patiently and you guys can’t figure out where in the line the phones are going to run out?”

The excuses for not being prepared and for the line moving at a new iPhone every 5 minute pace were about as good as the Duke football team.

In case you wonder what per misery looks like, check the following picture out.

  1. Mark says:

    Dude, that sucks !! You do know there are two AT&T stores in C’ville don’t ya?

  2. Laurel says:

    I’ll send you a picture of the Apple store in Jax. It was crazy! And I heard there some serious problems with the software. Not to mention the software for the current iphone users like myself. Luckily, when I went to update, it didn’t work. When I read the discussion board, I saw that 95% of the people who did the update resulted in non working iphones or who knows how long. Good going Apple.

  3. Michael says:

    my iphone update worked perfectly. wait 2 weeks and you can walk in a store and get one without waiting.

  4. agratto says:

    I just can’t believe that they didn’t plan ahead any better. They must have watched us at the Egg Drop and thought if they can do it with only 20% of the eggs they need, surely we can just give each store 100 phones and people will love us anyway.

  5. mattshultz says:

    The store is probably run by Gator alumni.

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