Road to the Theater: Prayer Guide Day 2

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Random

We’re asking everyone connected to Oak Leaf Church to pray specific prayers as we get ready to move to the movie theater.  On Thursday, I’m going to ask everyone to fast and ask God for some big things for Oak Leaf Church.  As you think about joining us for that fast, here’s some information on fasting, which is going without a physical need to focus on a spiritual need.  Today’s prayers come to you via Jonathan, our Family Pastor.

Reaching kids and families is not a secondary thing at Oak Leaf.  It’s not an afterthought.  And Kidventure (preschool & elementary) is not a low priority.  In fact, it’s a top priority!  God has called us to impact kids and parents in Bartow County and beyond.  We are on a mission to see thousands of lives changed!

Today, please pray these three specific prayers for KidVenture:

1. Let Oak Leaf Church become the first place hurting families turn to in a time of crisis. Our prayer is that we become known in the community as the healing place for families. Through counseling, providing basic needs, or whatever the situation calls for, we want to reach families at the point of their need.

2. That our church would reach thousands of children through the public school system. We believe thousands of kids will come to faith in Christ over the next several years. And we believe this will be a direct result of Oak Leaf’s involvement in the public school system. Inviting kids to KidVenture on Sunday morning is great…but we must do more. We must go to where they are. Pray for the right strategic partnerships with our local schools. Pray that the right doors will open so we can take the Gospel in to the schools.

3. That God would raise up crazy, energetic, passionate volunteers on Sunday morning that would make KidVenture contagious. It’s no secret: Oak Leaf has the best volunteers on the planet! We are VERY APPRECIATIVE for all the sacrifice that each individual makes throughout the week and on the weekends. Our prayer is that as we go to three services at the theater, God would raise up even more terrific volunteers. We want to make that one hour on Sunday morning THE BEST hour of that child’s week! Pray that parents, teenagers, moms, dads…anyone and everyone would step up and volunteer for that one hour each Sunday. Let’s unite and make KidVenture so contagious that kids in Cartersville are dragging their parents to church each week!


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