Calling on Oak Leaf Church to Fast on Thursday

Posted: July 16, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

We are asking everyone connected to Oak Leaf Church to join the staff in prayer and fasting on Thursday.  We’re praying and asking God to do Sun Stand Still kind of things in Cartersville.  If you’re considering joining us, read the following short guide that will help you plan and execute your fast.

What is fasting? Fasting is a spiritual discipline where you go without food for a set amount of time in order to seek God for a spiritual breakthrough. Moses was the first person in the Bible to fast. Before Jesus began his public ministry, he spent 40 days fasting and praying. Throughout the Bible, God’s people fasted at significant parts of their lives. A fast is not a diet, which is altering your diet in order to obtain a physical goal. Fasting is a spiritual initiative. By going without a physical need (food), you are demonstrating your spiritual dependence on God. In other words, fasting is going without food with something spiritual in mind. In the Bible, fasting and prayer are always connected.

Why fast? The Bible talks about numerous reasons to fast, including an expression of commitment, a desire to see God answer prayer, and a sign of humility. Some verses in the Bible related to fasting can be found in Matthew 9:14-15, Psalm 35:13, I Kings 21:29, Ezra 8:21, Jeremiah 29:13-14, Esther 4:15-16, Acts 9:9, Matthew 4:1-11, Leviticus 16:29, Psalm 69:10, Isaiah 58:6, Jonah 3:5, 2 Samuel 12:16-17, Exodus 34:28 and Acts 14:23.

Why are we fasting? As we get ready to move to the movie theater, we are fasting so we can spiritually prepare for what God wants to do in Bartow County through Oak Leaf Church. We are praying that God would use us to accomplish His purposes in our city. We are praying in the spirit of Joshua 3:5 for our church.

How do you fast? First, if you have any questions about your physical health, you should consult your physician. You’ll want to spiritually prepare for your fast by making sure it’s something that God wants you to do.

We’re asking you to pray and seek God’s will for our church, while going without food on Thursday, July 17. If you cannot fast on this day, then you may choose another day. Fast for 24 hours, consuming only liquids. Water, Gatorade and fruit juices will keep you hydrated and nourished. When you feel hungry, remember that you do not depend on food, but on God’s grace.

You can begin your fast on Wednesday night after dinner, and break it on Thursday night if you choose. Or you can choose to skip breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday. Instead of eating, spend time praying for our church and ask God to do something miraculous in our town. Pray Sun Stand Still kind prayers.


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