Cheap Gas

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Random

Nothing like a chance to serve the community…it really makes you feel good.  This afternoon we served Bartow County in true Oak Leaf Church style by buying down the price of gas from $3.77 to $2.99 for nearly 200 cars.  To say that it made an impression would be an understatement.  People absolutely couldn’t believe that it wasn’t a scam or that there weren’t strings attached. One person’s friend in Atlanta told them where they could get gas in Cartersville…word travels fast.

I know we could have helped starving children in Africa, but Oak Leaf Church wants to serve our community first and foremost.  We will send people to other countries and plant churches in other states, but we are called to make a difference in Cartersville first.  So, I want to thank all of those who financially support Oak Leaf Church for giving the staff and a handful of volunteers the tremendous opportunity to give our city another positive impression of our church.  It shows the great lengths that we will go to give back and to invite people to church

Here is a great picture of the event…the line was down Tennessee St. and boy did it look cool!

  1. Kyle Troop says:

    That was such a blast serving and hanging out with you guys!!

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