Mind Dump

Posted: August 12, 2008 in Random

This is my first ever mind dump on my blog.  It’s a practice of many other bloggers that I know and it will explain why I haven’t blogged in the last 4 or 5 days.  So, here it goes…

  • Buying a building is easy in comparison to trying to figure out how to use it and get it ready for services.
  • God does some wild stuff to help His church.  Sometimes he lets people lose their jobs, so that they can help with a church related project.  Other times he just makes them extremely generous, but either way it’s weird and awesome.
  • I can’t wait for college football season, because it gives me something to look forward to every weekend for 4 months.
  • Tim Tebow can’t win the Heisman again, because he won’t live through this season if he is a one-man show again.
  • Teaching high school is one of the hardest jobs I can ever remember and it was all mental.
  • Sometimes it’s really hard to conceptualize how I affect the Kingdom of God from my “seat on the bus.” I work my tail off so that others can do ministry, but its hard to find ways for me to get my hands dirty.
  • I feel like we work our tail off 50 hours a week on church stuff, but that it’s completely irrelevant, because God is controlling it like a puppeteer from Heaven.  How else can you explain a 300 person explosion just by changing locations?
  • The highlights of my day are seeing my wife and son when I wake up, when I get home, and drinking a Mountain Dew.  I wouldn’t survive if those things didn’t happen regularly.
  • God answers prayer, but that fact still doesn’t have my knees glued to the ground to pray.  That’s sad and it means I am too busy.
  • Mitch can’t count.
  • Oak Leaf Church has a chance to blow up this fall.  By blow up I mean double in size…if we don’t screw up what God is trying to do.  We could see hundreds of people saved and baptized by the end of this year if everyone is faithful to give and pray.
  • It’s amazing how much money it takes to do ministry.
  • I now have an iPhone.
  1. I’m starting to understand some of the stuff you’re talking about.

    Great post. Keep it coming. There’s not much out there for Executive Pastors.

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