Promises Part I

Posted: August 15, 2008 in Random, Theology

I do my best to read through the Bible every year.  It makes it difficult to do an intense study on the book of James or understand the Theology in Isaiah, because I am not any one place for very long.  However, my biggest reason for doing that as a normal discipline is it keeps me on pace to my commitment to either read my Bible, pray or both every day.

It may sound cheesy or simplistic, but if you were honest with yourself and not worried about who you had to answer to, you would probably admit that you go days each week without one or the other.  This is expressly the reason why I made that commitment, so that I can work on my investment into determining what God wants to teach me and how relevant the Bible is to my life and ministry.

As I have wrestled with stories of David and Solomon it makes me really ponder the promises of God.  If you study the Bible you will probably notice that God promises to do a lot of things and that many times you see a record of His conversation with His creation it’s to promise something.

David and Solomon got some cool promises spoken over their lives, but at the same time God never made the promises blanket ones without major stipulations.  I think that it’s kind of smart and kind of intense at the same time.

To Be Continued…


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