Promises Part II

Posted: August 17, 2008 in Random, Theology

When someone makes a promise, a pact, or contract with someone it’s usually a good idea to write it down.  Thankfully for all of us, the Biblical authors wrote down the promises of God.  Those promises make for some interesting study as you look through the stories to learn about the history that the famous Bible characters have with God.  Just look through the stories of Abraham, Moses, David, and Solomon you find many times that God makes a promise or begins covenant with His chosen people to bless them, eradicate their enemies, and yet never promises to do it free from intense expectations on His part.

The heart behind this post is to point out the fact that many people that read, teach, and study the Bible tend to oversimplify the stories.  It might seem from a casual ready of the Bible that God just showed up in these characters lives, did awesome stuff and the people were like innocent bystanders.  However, that would be a terrible assumption.  Instead it’s probably best to read their stories closely and pick up on how often God repeats His promises with major requirements.  He didn’t promise David a everlasting kingship because he had a cool haircut.  He did it because for the vast majority of David’s life his heart was passionately pursuing what God wanted and doing it understanding his own sinfulness.

I am no prophet, or theologian, but if I had to guess why most people don’t experiences the blessings of God, both tangible and intangible, it’s because they aren’t doing their part.  If you want an amazing relationship with God, you have to make a major investment.  If you want to see answers to huge prayers, then you have to put in some serious time asking.  If we don’t pursue holiness and righteousness we can’t expect God to show up.

My conclusion is that it’s not weak preaching, American Christianity or any other social problem.  Instead it’s really the concept of cause and effect.  If your heart is fully devoted to God, you can expect Him to show up.  If not, don’t be surprised if things are quite the way you dreamed they would be.

  1. chucktrukk says:

    Hey Anthony,

    These are 2 really good posts.


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