Blind Spot

Posted: August 21, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

I have heard a phrase used in the church world about ministers that I think is worth mentioning.  Sometimes it used in a management book, other times at a conference, but the phrase “blind spot” is usually used to talk about a Pastor’s weak spots that only others notice.

Essentially, the idea is that a minister is often too focused on big glaring needs,  spiritual disciplines, or making progress for the Kingdom that they neglect things that are just as critical in their own lives.  Just like the blind spot in your car that could cause you to crash into car or truck and have a major accident, many Pastor’s neglects things that could end their ministry.

My current project, that could literally double the size of our church in 6 months, is a worthwhile venture for our church and staff.  At the same time, because of our time frame it means long hours and intense days for our staff.  It has forced me to intentionally carve out chunks of time for my family to make sure that I see them.  It has also reminded that everyone in ministry needs to have someone give constructive feedback on their choices and surround themselves with people that car about their well-being.

Essentially, I am saying to any Pastors or workaholics that you better make time for your family, go on dates with your wife, and find some people to ask what potential weaknesses they see in your life.  Without it, you could end up losing more then a day of progress on a worthwhile project.

  1. Dana says:

    Good post! I read in one of Maxwell’s books where he compares this balance to juggling balls in the air. The only one that is most likely to bounce if you drop it is your job. But if you drop the family ball or the health ball that is virtually made of glass it can ruin everything else- your ministry, your job, and other people’s well being. Ministry is a little different as a vocational job but it is still an important reminder of the things that matter. You fellas are doing great and we are praying for you all.

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