Gratto Family Growing

Posted: August 25, 2008 in Random

It’s one of the coolest moments and most nerve racking moments in the world.  If you have had the experience of watching your child for the first time on a sonogram, you will understand the emotions involved.  First you find out what you are having.  That momentary bliss (depending if you got what you wanted) is quickly followed by the torture of determining if they are healthy.

This past Friday we found out we are having a little boy, whom we are naming Jude.  Immediately afterward we learned that he had all of the necessary limbs, organs, and fingers/toes.  As nice as it was to see that it’s miserable to listen to the person doing the sonogram, count toes, arms, legs, valves in their heart, etc.  It’s like waiting during a commercial for your team to kick the winning field goal for the national championship.  If they say there it is….you feel relief, not elation.

Anyway, I am grateful that our prayers resulted in another boy to add to the growing Gratto family, but I will need to continue to pray for two things.  One, that I have the courage to get back in that sonogram room if we have another child and two that the missing artery in the umbilical chord doesn’t mean anything is wrong with Jude.

I think I just got some grey hair!

  1. donnie mcswain says:

    man i can remember when my daughter was born they thought she had a hole in her heart,that was really nerve racking.i cant remeber how many sonograms we had but it was a bunch.back and forth to the doctor,come to think about we had some scares with my son too.just keep your head up bro it will be alright

  2. jonathan sutton says:

    Dude, Dana and I are praying. We are pumped for you guys.

    And remember, grey hair is a sign of wisdom…I think. 🙂

  3. Mitch Moyer says:

    I have seen you lately and it will not be your last grey hair:)

  4. jodymay says:

    How do you know your getting gray hair if you don’t have any?

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