Posted: August 28, 2008 in Random

It was a slightly eventful day at the House of Rock yesterday, when we stopped in to remove an ice machine.  

The biggest issue was that the ice machine we were removing was 9 feet tall and ridiculously heavy.  Not to mention that we could take it out any doors until it was severely dismantled.  So, we got to work, grabbed a crow bar, and what do you know…it came a part!? 

Actually we had our steroid brothers on sight, Mitch and Jody, so it was as much testosterone as it was the crow bar.  As we pulled down the compressor that’s when it got interesting.  I think maybe Mitch caught his reflection off the ice machine and so he did what he normally does…flex.  That’s when it happened.

The ice machine shot up in the air then down again right on to Will’s head. A copper pipe that wasn’t completely cut off from the back gave him a high five on his head.  You can see from the picture that his head didn’t like it.

  1. Josh says:

    I hope Marcellus Wallace makes a full recovery!

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