Labor Day Reflections

Posted: September 1, 2008 in Random
  • I love my family…but they can make a mess.  My house just asked me for a massage.
  • My Mom buys and prepares food like she is getting ready to feed 100 Marines.  It will takes us two months to use up the extra eggs, butter, ice cream, cereal, etc. now lying around our house.  I am scared to even sift through my fridge right now its so full.
  • The ACC is rather lousy.  I felt sorry for Tommy Bowden, Clemson’s coach.  I think he was beyond mad about Saturday’s loss, he was embarrassed.
  • Labor Day is a funny and oxymoronical day.  You are celebrating a break from work, but all of my neighbors worked in their yard all morning.
  • There is going to be some trash talking going on this week, because Jody is a Miami fan and the Gators host them Saturday.
  • The House of Rock and OLC staff needs your prayers…we need some drawings quick and building permits even faster.
  • My wife is a hot pregnant chick.
  • We are naming our son Jude (due in January) for no reason other then we liked the name.  Not for the Beatles song, book in the Bible, or because it will sound cool to say, “Jude the dude.”
  • My cousin came to Oak Leaf yesterday and said would consider driving six hours from Gainesville, Florida to come to church she liked it so much.
  • This is going to be a great week…short work week, football tonight and no work going on at the House of Rock.

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