True or False?

Posted: September 3, 2008 in Random

I would rather see I would rather see Tennessee lose then FSU?

A Fuddrucker’s burger is better then one at Ted’s Montana Grill?

I would rather get stuck in a ring with Rampage Jackson or Chuck Lidell?

Tithing regularly is harder then reading your Bible regularly?

Diet Dr. Pepper is better then Diet Mt. Dew?

Coke is better then Pepsi?

It’s harder to read a book then to go the gym?

A game at the Swamp is better then one in Jordan-Hare?

I would rather lose a finger then a toe?

I would rather then be in prison then stuck watching, “How do I look?”

  1. jonathan sutton says:

    Shouldn’t #8 read, “Florida loses to Auburn at The Swamp and in Jordan-Hare.”
    Answer: T

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