NFL vs College Football

Posted: September 8, 2008 in College Football

I don’t have a statistics and surveys that I want people fill out.  I haven’t interviewed ex-players and I don’t have a specific motive for making this point.  However, I don’t think that it is a contest whether the NFL or College football is better.

In my opinion, you need look no further then the seats in the stadium to see how many people agree with me…most of the time is 90,000 plus.  Just look at the seating capacity of the biggest college stadiums and then compare them to the biggest NFL stadium.  Then consider how many of the games at those huge stadiums actually sell out. Next, you could scan the stadium seats at a pro game (other then Playoffs and/or Superbowl) and you will see holes, gaps and huge vacancies in the stadium.  If it was so great, why would you have empty seat?

Maybe it’s because tickets are too expensive, maybe its because games are on Sunday instead of Saturday, but if you ask me pro football finishes second, because it lacks real passion, fanfare, exciting plays and because the athletes get in the way of the team…just look up ocho cinco in any search engine.

I have lived in Atlanta and Dallas, Texas.  Even in big cities where there are seemingly many opportunities to have a huge fan base only in Dallas was the a legitimate argument that the Cowboys could give the Longhorns, Aggies, and Red Raiders a fight for number one.  In Atlanta, the Georgia Bulldogs absolutely destroy the Falcons in a popularity contest.

My final point, so that I can be right, is to say that this may only apply in the South.  In the South, College Football is as popular as sweet tea, going to church on Sunday, and big trucks.  People die fighting about certain rivalries and people live for game day.  You could go to New York and destroy my argument, but if you are south of Kentucky or Virginia you would have a hard time making me a believer that the NFL and it’s spoiled brats are a more exciting event then a college game with over 100k fans cheering their team to victory…but you are welcome to try.

  1. will says:

    It is an epic fantasy of every college football fan to relive their (often drunken) college memories rooting for the team that is second rate to anything professional. Sure, a 140 year-old tradition will always trump something that has only legitimately been around for less than 50 years when it comes to fan base. The pros have to earn the fanfare. Colleges shamelessly inherit it from alumni families, current and former students, and the regional locale of those who wish they could have been one of the previous two. Pros don’t have spoiled brats – colleges do even if they have hundreds of thousands more.

    Make the same comparison to college football and the pros to anything else in life and we would settle for second best. We would be excited about living in the past, never be willing to take it to the next level, and excepting mediocrity over the stronger, faster, better. Not being a fan of any particular college I can unbiasedly watch college and professional games and legitimately say there is an obvious difference in excellence at every level.

    No offense, but I’d rather spend my precious time watching and learning from the absolute best than a whole bunch of future real estate agents and insurance salesmen.

    How was that?

  2. joelbridges says:

    If you want to see two professional fighters paid to box in Las Vegas, the NFL is your ticket. If you want to see a junkyard dog scrap with a bluetick hound in a fight to the death, college is the way to go. It may not always be pretty, but that’s a matter of opinion…

  3. I always laugh at NFL fans. It is so funny, because the NFL fans are not loud at all, and the college fans are always loud. Go to heinz field and then go to Beaver Stadium and tell me which is better

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