Who Cares?

Posted: September 13, 2008 in Random

There are lots of reasons that I just can’t get into politics.  I won’t bore you with my list, but my top reasons that I just don’t believe anything politicians are saying, that their subject matter is completely irrelevant to my life, and that I just don’t believe what they are saying.

Just yesterday I was reminded how little that I care about either one of the candidates.  There was breaking story on CNN, because Obama was in New Hampshire and was going to comment on Hurricane Ike.  What?!

Is it really a breaking news story that the Democratic nominee is going to comment on the storm?  What would he possibly say that would have any merit and be better then filling that same 20 minutes with a college football highlight, a spot telling us what the government is doing about gas prices, or a great joke from Mitch Hedberg?

My best guess on what happened: “Folks, there is a Hurricane headed toward Texas.  Those people are going to get wet.  I can’t wait to see pictures of people driving boats down the streets…that’s so cool.  Man I am sure am glad I in New Hampshire. That President Bush didn’t get people out of Louisiana during the last big hurricane down there.  If I was president I would passed out umbrellas.  Oh, it’s going to be windy, but don’t try and fly a kite.”

Nothing could be more irrelevant then a rookie politician acting like a weatherman on national television, but I am sure millions watch intently.  Wow?!

  1. J says:

    Thought– I love hearing people talk about who they want in office. In all reality it doesn’t matter, because God has already put the card in play. No matter who is in office, they have already been picked by God to play a part in the end times. This does not mean the day will come tomorrow or next year, but each person put in charge of this great nation will play a great part in the Kings return. ( I’m probably a little to deep in my thinking for most)

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