Posted: September 23, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

When I was a teacher I spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out the system, the culture, they students, and the administration.  Texas and Georgia have two extremely different education systems and structures, which made for a huge learning experience each time I started over.

The biggest thing that I search for when I started as a Business Teacher in Texas was clarity.  I wanted to know what the expectations where, what the kids were like, the standards I had to meet, and what the administration was going to ask me to do.  As I got a clear picture of what was at stake and how I could be successful, I found myself feeling very good about my performance.  After a review or two my suspicions where confirmed I really was doing a good job and my job was secure.

Whether it’s church work, parenting, or managing a business I think one of the biggest disservices we do as leaders is being unclear.  It sounds easy, but it’s really harder to be clear then it is to be vague.  It takes way more effort to continue to ponder the same set of choices or to keep those who need an answer at bay then it is to make a decision and start working the plan.

Really, it’s that simple.  Choosing what you are actually going to do and moving past a position of indifference or contemplation is the biggest win.  Once you have made up your mind who you are going to hire, if you are starting a second service, whether or not they should be punished, or if it would be wise to borrow money then you can actually work to make it happen.  At that point the hard part it done.  Now it’s just about choosing how to go about it and there are probably three or four equally good ways.

There is no subsititute for good advice, prayer, and wisdom, but too much thinking will give you a headache and cause many opportunties to pass you by.


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