What am I missing?

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Random

Sometimes I wonder what God was thinking when He created certain things.  Like why do people go bald, is there a point other then making people look funny, feel insecure, and create awful hair styles like the comb-over?  Why did God create fire ants?  Wouldn’t regular ants work just fine?  Why do they have to bite and cover you with pimple-like bumps?  Is there an explanation for people getting those rat-dogs?  If you want a pet, why don’t you get a goldfish or a hamster.  Why would you want your house to smell like urine and dog hair. Or, be one of those people carrying around a plastic bag of poop through your neighborhood.

I don’t know that I understand the total picture and it’s easy to jump to conclusions, but I am confindent that I would do it another way if I am in charge…that’s what scares me.

If you every have time to slow down and do a little introspection, you will probably think of lots of things you went through that you would white out of your life if you were in control.  There are scars you would erase by avoiding the accidents.  You would probably scratch out some relationships that still give you trouble as an adult.

However, what I think is part of the reason that God designed so many things the way He did is to help us appreciate, learn, and relish the good things in our life.  You can’t appreciate the sunshine without the rain, the energy of your youth until you are old and tired, or the complete hopelessness and directionless feelings you had before you met Jesus.

As hard as it is to say I am glad I am not in control…except for the continued existence of FSU and Tennessee fans.


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