Posted: September 30, 2008 in Random, Theology

One of the most debilitating emotions that a human being can face is fear.  It leads to inaction, unreached potential, and many times jumping to faulty conclusions.  Hollywood has built on the emotion with all kinds of thrillers and suspense flicks that cause you to tense up, grip your arm-rests and maybe even scream.

Most people don’t face a guy wielding a chainsaw or get attacked by a scary looking kid that crawls on the ceiling, but they do face obstacles that could cause them to shut down in fear.  Proverbs actually talks about the result of fear which is usually inaction.  If you drove around Cartersville or any other town in the Atlanta area you probably saw what I saw…empty streets.  People worried about the “impending economic doom” and further frightened by the lack of gas, staying home.  Some skipped ballgames, vacations, and others took a Sunday off from Church.

My conclusion isn’t that people who saved gas by staying home are idiots or that those that conserved the scarce precious commodity on Sunday are evil.  My conclusion is that those that searched for gas found it.  Those that were relentless, tenacious, and persevered got at least a couple gallons.

God didn’t invite Christians to play it safe, sit on the couch and avoid traveling outside of 3 sqaure miles from their house.  Instead he calls us to be salt, light, and sheep among wolves.  Life is tough and we have to weather the storm, but the worst example we can set for our faith, our children, and our Lord is that we are going to be scared of something that’s not really even there.  Sure if a guy with a 10 lbs. of C-4 attached to his chest says, “Don’t leave or I’ll detonate this,” stay home.  Otherwise, the Lion keeping you home is Simba on your kids portable DVD player.


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