Do we really care?

Posted: October 16, 2008 in Random

Sometimes I wonder if I have aged well beyond my years.  Not because I am grey, bald, or because my joints all hurt (although I am working on all that stuff), but because I feel like I have seen it all.  Maybe you can relate, but surely you have see something dramatic, powerful, and creative but because of apathy, callousness, or some other factor it just didn’t have any impact.

My Mom is in town and she brought be a book that she got at Catalyst.  I showed our Pastor the book and he said, “Oh he gave those out at Catalyst.”  I was confused, so I pressed him.  He informed me that the author gave everyone in attendance a copy of the book.

Shock and Awe?  Yawn and Stare?

I am not sure everything that went into that decision to give out the books, but I can bet it wasn’t a centered around being generous, because the guy is a marketing guru and was probably thinking about another impact.  I would guess he was hoping that it would generate some buzz as a result, but who knows?!

I just wonder if it can make the desired impact?

I feel like we have see so many great car chases, buildings explode, last second touchdowns, heard of healing miracles, and heard of an act of generosity that we (more specifically me) have gotten used to it.

Maybe the solution is prayer, a mission trip, or a trip down memory lane before you had everything you always wanted, but somehow we have to get to the point where people can get excited again.

  1. Jake Dudley says:

    what was the book?

  2. agratto says:

    Tribes by Seth Godin. I put a link in the post brother.

  3. Jake Dudley says:

    ahhh, i see. haha. my bad.

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