House of Rock – Update

Posted: October 28, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

If you haven’t heard the House of Rock has been quite a difficult thing to get going, but we absolutely believe that God is 100% behind this project.  We are positive that we will find the resources to renovate the building and that God will allow the right group of people to come together to make the project a success.

The main thing that has held up the renovation project from going forward is getting the plans approved by the Building Inspector and Fire Marshall.  Much of what has been a problem was changing a nightclub into church, while rules have changed that have made it increasingly difficult.  In essence, it’s boiled down to law makers making lots of requirements to making a building ultra-safe to large assemblies of people.

Yesterday, was our first breakthrough.  The first of the two departments that must approve our plans have done so.  The second department should approve them today, which means work could actually start this week!!

This is an exciting time in life of our church, one that will change it forever.  The House of Rock can allow us to reach twice as many people as we have in the past.  It will allow our students to have a home, which will cause an already thriving ministry to explode (they had 81 students last week!!).  Plus, it will allow us to save lots of money in renting facilities anytime we need to get together.

So, keep the prayers coming, look for ways that you can contribute financial to resource the renovation project, and listen for updates.

Over and out.


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