Posted: November 3, 2008 in Random, Theology

Politicians are constantly throwing the word around like the only things people care about it seeing things change.  Sure, I want to change my socks, boxers, and eventually my toothbrush, but I don’t want everything different just for the sake of being different.  But still politicians act like the solution to everything, whether it’s really broken or not is to change it.

There are a couple of things that I would do to make America better, laws that I would want to create and things that I would to see happen immediately.  However, there are things that I would mess with, because there isn’t anything wrong with them.

If a Republican get’s elected life will go on, morality will still be an issue, and America will not get “better.”  If a Democrat gets elected morality will still stink, the economy will still have issues, and America will not become a loved nation.  The idea that the right political party in charge will somehow make America great, fix people’s morality issues, and fix our problems as a nation is ludicrous.

The answer is simple…Jesus.  If His followers were really serious about their faith and His teachings America (because of it’s religious freedoms) would rock the face of the pagans of this nation.  Instead, the Christianity you see, more often then not, is lukewarm and more about style then substance.

If the average Christian is no different then the average lost person, then is it any wonder America is struggling?  God’s promises to Israel were always tied to obedience, why should we be any different?

If you want proof then check out the book UnChrisitan, or statistics on divorce, pre-marital sex, tithing, pornography, or any other morality issue.

I’m just saying…


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