Posted: November 11, 2008 in Church Leadership, College Football, Florida Gators

There are all kinds of passions.  There are those people that have a passion to fix and drive old Mustangs.  People that love shopping (let’s be serious they are called chicks).  There are some people that have sixteen stickers, a license plate bracket, a personalized license plate and a flag on their window revealing their favorite team.  You probably can think of some weird passions, but regardless you wouldn’t doubt those people’s passions exist.

I love passion.  It’s what makes this world so interesting and what makes America so weird.  At the same time it’s what really makes me excited to still be breathing, because without it why do you even wake up in the morning?

Passion is what kept Paul from killing himself to be with Jesus.  Passion is what keeps people in a country serving a people that would just assume kill them.  Passion is what led to the Bible being translated, so that everyone could have a copy.  I am not saying that all passions are fruitful or even equal, but all passion is something that should be admired.

I am really not a super-passionate person, but I really respect those that are.

For you reading pleasure, here is my very limited list of passions:

  1. My faith.  It’s why I am a Pastor, when I could being making three times as much running my own business.
  2. My family.  It’s why if I had the choice of being with them against anything else, but watching the Gators play for a National Championship, I would be with them.
  3. My church.  It’s why I volunteered 20 hours a week for 9 months then quit my job and jumped in at a church that was 8 months old when people told me I was crazy.
  4. My team.  I love following the Gators.  Not because they are better then any other University or because they don’t do anything stupid, but because it’s in my veins from growing up in Gainesville.
  5. Fishing.  Not much relaxes me like being on the lake chasing after a trophy bass.

What about you?


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