Where have all the good people gone? II

Posted: November 24, 2008 in Random

I don’t believe that the answer to our societal problems is to go back to the time of our parents or we would still have segregated bathrooms, never be able to jog while listening to music, and no idea where our e-mails went.  However, what might be lacking is more people actually telling the truth, people spending less then they make, deviant behavior not being considered “cool,” and Notre Dame getting off TV.

I think the real problem is that we have set up our society to avoid penalties for doing the wrong things and taken away the reward for success.  The truth is that you don’t have to worry about borrowing too much money, because you can always file for bankruptcy.  Your kid doesn’t need to worry about not being the best player on the team, because she will still get a trophy, and if you lie and get impeached you will still be President.

I don’t know if there really is an answer other then Truth.  By Truth I mean that there is right and wrong, that people must admit there is something inside of them that makes them feel guilty when they do bad things, and that a society where everything is permissible isn’t one most people would choose.  The one knock Truth has against it, is that its main proponents are dropping the ball.

I don’t think Christians can really change America?

Wanna know why?  Read on…

1. Christians don’t act, look, or think any different then anyone else.  Look up the stats…divorce, charitable giving, pre-marital sex, etc.

2. Churches in America aren’t growing their declining.  There are a few churches that are blowing up and doubling in size, but overall churches are shrinking.  Our bases are shrinking!!

3. Christians aren’t respected like they used to be.  There are books dedicated to the subject of our decline in importance and credibility.

If our society is to go forward people are going to have deal with consequencs to their actions, learn from them and make better decisions.  Christians are going to have to clean up their reputation do what the Bible actually says and take the next 25 years to change our reputation.


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