Fishing Lures

Posted: December 2, 2008 in Church Leadership, Random

I love to fish. I stink, but I love to fish.  I really feel like if I could spend a day with a pro and watch them in action I would really get good at hooking some Bass.  Most of the time when I go to the local lakes, Allatoona, West Point, and Lake Weiss I strike out.  I have to just talk myself into being cool with it by saying, “At least I was outside and on the lake.”

The choice of lure is really the most important part of the process.  Using a worm, a crank-bait, or a spinner-bait is really not that tough.  I don’t think fish can even see color, so color isn’t really much of a factor either.  It’s really all about the right lure at the right time and being patient.

On a similar subject, its funny how much is made about the techniques churches use to attract people.  So negative publicity is made of the schemes churches use to attract the lost to their services.  I have heard of iPod giveaways, gas buydowns, provocative mailers, paying people, and all kids of other enticements.  It’s also funny that in the wrong Christian circles its such a taboo thing to do and in others it’s thought to be unBiblical (if God chooses whom He will save what business do we have helping Him out?!).

If you took Jesus at His word, “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men…” I don’t think he was going to leave out learning how to use the right lures.  It’s just my opinion, but as long as your goal is to try and get a “bite,” you should do anything short of sin to attempt to connect lost people to your church and then to the Lord. We do crazy stuff at Oak Leaf and I hope we do plenty more, but I never feel guilty attempting to “land the big one” when their alternative is pretty grim.


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