So who ya got?

Posted: December 3, 2008 in College Football, Florida Gators

This weekend will be my first time in the Georgia Dome and my first time watching a championship (beyond High School) in person.  I am pretty excited, but I find myself very tempted to sell the tickets on eBay and get a 42″ Sony HDTV instead.  Lower level ticket are going for nearly $600 a piece right now!

Here is nominal breakdown of the teams…

  1. There have been 16 SEC Championship games.
  2. Florida has played in 8 of them.
  3. In those 8 games, they have played Alabama 5 times and won 3 of them.
  4. This year’s game will pit the nation’s No. 3 offense (Florida) against the No. 3 defense (Alabama) and the nation’s No. 5 defense (Florida) vs. the No. 30 offense (Alabama).
  5. Both Head Coaches have a SEC Title and National Championship on their resume.
  6. These are two of the youngest teams in the league with Florida having no seniors on the 2-deep defensive depth chart.

So who do ya got?  What’s gonna give?

Hopefully, I do better then my Georgia game pick, but I think the score will be 38-20 Florida.

Here is a little photo from Lake Alice in Gainesville to inspire you.



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