Who let the dogs out?

Posted: December 10, 2008 in Theology

No this isn’t about Georgia, Snoop Dog, or Old Yeller…it’s about Gentiles.  What?  Yes, that’s right everyone that isn’t a Jew should pay attention to the following.

So Jesus is talking about all things clean and unclean in Matthew 15.  He is getting blasted by the Pharisees for not washing His hands, then He blows their minds by telling them it’s actually not the outside that matters, but the inside.   The disciples, who worry about offending the “man,” tell Him He blew it.  What happens next is what blows my mind…

Jesus explains His parable to the boneheaded disciples who don’t understand basic biology, which upon completion inspires Him to change locations.  This is when it gets wild…

A Gentile women is hassling Jesus, who basically ignores her cries for help.  Seriously, He just blows her off like she is a two year old pulling on their parents pants leg.  The next exchange should rock your world.  He tells her, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.”  In other words, “Lady, I am here for the Jews I don’t have time for you and your petty demon possession problem.”  What?

Sure the lady gives Him a great rebuttal and impresses Him with her faith, but understand and let it sink in what Jesus tells her next.  He basically tells her that it’s not right to toss a child’s meal to the pet dog.  In other words she is a poodle and He isn’t interested.  Yep, that’s right Jesus called the lady a dog and in so doing told all of us Gentiles that we are really second to the chosen race.

Sure, it seems that the Gentiles have a monopoly on the Christian faith, because of various factors, but God and Jesus were primarily concerned for Israel when Jesus teleported into Mary’s belly.  It gives new meaning to Israel friendly policies, Jewish jokes, and the Holocost.  Essentially, we should thank God on regular basis that He extended salvation to us canine.


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