A little controversial…

Posted: December 16, 2008 in Random

I don’t mind sticking my neck out and saying things that are borderline controversial.  I actually, like to antagonize and ruffle feathers (in a figurative sort of way).  So, here is my latest attempt at it.

Charles Barkley often comes across as biased, uninformed, and verbally challenged.  I wouldn’t say that he is the most prolific commentator or communicator that I have heard on television.  He also tends to say things that are intentionally controversial to cause people to pay attention.  Right or wrong it has worked which is why he can be lousy to average at his job and still keep it.

His comments about the coaching hires at Auburn University could be just more of the same or he could be more right than anyone would care to admit.

Consider his view on the situation:

Auburn hired a Head Football Coach who went 5-19 as a head coach over one that is black and had a winning record at an extremely difficult place to win.  They hired a Head Basketball Coach over a couple black coaches who had made it to the post-season (in Division I) over a white coach who hadn’t before and hasn’t since.

Alabama is a great place and I love to visit.  It’s also home of the most famous civil rights demonstrations and some embarrassing racially charged demonstrations.  I am not saying that there was a racial bias, I’m not agreeing with Barkely, but I am saying that in a state that has a rough track record it wouldn’t have been a huge win for the program to get a coach able to take the program forward and not look both racially challenged and unable to think outside the box.

Turner Gill may not have been the answer, but surely you quiet more naysayers by hiring redeemer rather then a coach who won 5 games in 24 tries.

  1. jonathan sutton says:

    Turner Gill was my choice too, for multiple reasons. However, how Auburn is being portrayed in the media is absolutely ludicrous. The reason most Auburn fans are absolutely outraged by these accusations (and trying to excommunicate Barkley) is because they KNOW the truth about the Auburn FAMILY…they know that this small town in SE Alabama is a bright spot in the State, a place where you find tons of examples of tolerance and people working together. Furthermore, how many schools have even INTERVIEWED a black coach?

    Turner Gill said himself that in no way was the decision based on race. He’s staying at Buffalo this year and said Auburn was not the “fit” for him. He had many gracious comments about the whole process.

    It’s fair to judge Chizik on his recent record. 5-19 is abysmal…however, he was hired b/c of his 3 years of coaching experience at Auburn as a Def Coord.(undefeated season and asst. coach of the year) and his undefeated season at Texas, and the fact that he is a proven good recruiter. (I’ve partially drank the Koolaid.)

    What Barkley said is insanely dumb and unnecessary. It’s completely false. Many things can be pinned on Auburn right now (perhaps bad leadership, disorder, chaos, decommitments)…but racism is not one of them.

  2. agratto says:

    Sounds like sour grapes to me. I am not saying that the decision was based on racism, I’m saying it’s interesting and Barkley has a point.

    I think Auburn walked into a fire storm, which they could have avoided by taking their time and by hiring a coach with the credentials to justify his hiring. If Auburn stole Muschamp or Fisher away or got Bill Cowher out of retirement or got Mullen instead of Florida nobody would be talking.

    As “they” say, “perception is reality.”

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