Naughty or Nice?

Posted: December 18, 2008 in Random

I don’t really know about the whole Santa thing.  I don’t really plan on lying to my son for 5 or 6 years by telling him that a fat dude that loves cookies, rides in a sleigh, and lives with polar bears is bringing all of the presents.  I realize that there are lots of way to rationalize it and I might sound like a Scrooge, but I don’t want my son wondering how many other lies I am telling him, that are purely entertainment in nature, he will find out during the next 5 years.

Right or wrong, my large but sexy wife, will try to talk me into it because she loved the lies that her parents told her.  She takes lying pretty well, heck she just found out that there is no such thing as a Jackalope (must be an Alabama thing), while watching the nature channel.

Well, in the spirit of Christmas, I am going to list what I would wish for from Santa (since they are wishes I need a mythical character) to deliver at Christmas, so here I go:

  1. 1000 people to attend Oak Leaf at least one Sunday in January.
  2. For my son Jude to be born healthy and safe in January.
  3. To get to fly to Texas to meet with Mike R. and eat at Uncle Julio’s, Razzoo’s, and Texas Land & Cattle.
  4. To see the Gators win their 3rd National Championship.
  5. For a raise 🙂
  1. Dana says:

    I actually agree with your view on Santa. I remember asking my mom if God and Santa talked since God sees all and Santa sees all. Our children still get there picture with Santa just like they get there picture made with any pretend animal such as Micky Mouse or the litttle mermaid. I was talking with Braden last night and he asked me why we told him the truth (I told him that most parents want their children to believe in Santa so don’t tell!) I simply told him because I wanted you to know that we tell the truth and we celebrate Christmas because Jesus is real and Santa is not.

  2. Tanya A. says:

    eh..guess i have a different opinion on it. It seems that we make our kids grow up so fast these days – eleven year olds getting pregnant, 7 and 8 year olds talking about who broke up with whom – 8 year old shooting their parents, etc.. I dunno, i mean i see your point, but then again i think what is the harm really in a little bit of naivety, in a bit of imagination.
    While we have told our girls about Santa, he is definitely NOT what we talk about the most. We don’t threaten them with the “you better be good or Santa won’t bring you toys” mumbo jumbo or tell them that Santa won’t come if they don’t go to sleep on Christmas Eve. We talk about what Christmas really is, we’ve already read the Christmas story at least 10 times this month already, and i’ve got two little girls that go to school to tell the teacher about what the red and white stripes on the candy cane mean to them.
    Last year, when our 5 yr old lost her first tooth and we told her to put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy, our 7 year old said “you know that i know the tooth fairy isn’t real.” We took her aside and she just matter of factly said “Yes, i’ve known for a long time that the tooth fairy, santa, the easter bunny, etc.. aren’t real. I know that it’s you and daddy that do those things.”
    It was not a shock to her, we aren’t even the ones that told her – she figured it out on her own and was ok to be quiet about it and let her little sister enjoy the moment of her first lost tooth.
    So, while i see your point and everyone parents differently, I also don’t see the harm in a little bit of imagination and prolonging that bit of wonder that children get to have – we lose that wonderment as we get older and i don’t see any harm in it lasting just as long as we can hold onto it.

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