Don’t vs. Doesn’t

Posted: December 21, 2008 in Random

I’m no English major and I’m nothing like my Dad (who corrects you in the middle of a conversation), but it sure is weird when people misuse the English language.  Part of me wonders if it’s because its more normal to misuse it, or if nobody cares anymore. Either way I need to vent.

There is a difference in when you should use doesn’t and don’t.  Just as there is when you say good and well. Just because they are basically communicating the same thing doesn’t mean they are interchangeable. Maybe a few examples will help me make my point.

“It doesn’t matter to me where we eat.” – Correct

“It don’t matter which sweater you wear.” Wrong

If you take the words apart (do not, does not) it makes more sense in which context they fit.

“Sunday’s service went really well.” Correct

“You play music good” Wrong

Order is pretty key here, because it’s about what the adjective “good” is trying to communicate.

This could very well be the most boring blog ever written, but hearing someone butcher the English language makes me cringe unless you are rapping or singing a country song…hopefully a well song. 🙂

  1. Tracy Kase says:


    i was not bored at all. but i am a dork about this stuff.

  2. I second that amen!

    This was a great “vent!”

  3. Dana says:

    So, is this a response to where I should have put their instead of there in my reply about Santa? 🙂 It bothered me that I could not go in fix the mistake.

  4. agratto says:

    No, but shame on you!!

  5. Barry says:

    It don’t really matter how you say it as long as you say it good!!!!!!!!

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