BCS National Championship

Posted: January 8, 2009 in College Football, Florida Gators

So, the day has arrived and I’m almost not sure I can or should pick the game score (nor can the so called experts for that matter), because there are so many factors that could change the outcome of the game.

Here are the ones I think are key:

1. How mad OU’s defense will be at kickoff at people saying they stink.

2. How mad Tim Tebow is about not winning the Heisman and the OU’s defense’s comments about his abilities.

3. What coach really has a plan to win.  Both teams do everything well (or they wouldn’t be in this game), so who can craft a strategy that isn’t as simple as score more points.

4. Which team turns the ball over more (or at all for that matter).

5. How healthy Percy Harvin is and stays for the game.  He really can’t be stopped unless he stops himself…just watch a You Tube video or two.

Those are my keys to the game and what I believe everyone will see at midnight tonight determined the outcome.

Originally my pick was 34-24 and I’ll stick with it.  However, I think it’s unlikely that either team will win by less then 14 points.  I just think someone is going to get overwhelmed.

Guess we will see…

Go Gators!!


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