How are you praying?

Posted: January 15, 2009 in Random, Theology

It seems that everyone has a book about prayer…unfortunately I have only read one or two.  It’s really hard to tell people that there is a method for how are suppose to reach out to God that is perfect and that works every time.  Just look through the Bible and you will see lots of different prayers, Psalms, and petitions…then just as many responses from God.

I was helping my little boy pray the other night and I was once again reminded that there is a large difference between my approach to God and Micah’s (who sometime actually drifts off into counting or pointing out things in the room). When I pray with Micah I very rarely lead him to pray for someone’s finances, that someone would find a spouse, for wisdom at work, for protection from Satan’s attacks, or God to speak to him on an issue.  Mostly, because his life is simple and partly because his entire prayer is a prayer of thanks.  We literally spend the entire time listing things that he is thankful for in his life…including his Dad of course.

Wow…that is so different then my prayer time?  I usually spend the entire time asking God for more.  If you read Jesus instructions on prayer you will see more facets to prayer then thanksgiving, but I also think it would be a rare thing for many adults to spend the majority of our prayer time reflecting on thanksgiving…even though every good thing is from God?!

Maybe Micah has it right?

  1. jonathan sutton says:

    It’s amazing what kids remind us of…amazing what they teach us.

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