Tuesday Mind Dump

Posted: January 20, 2009 in Random
  • Planning and executing four services was tremendously taxing, but extremely gratifying.  You work hard and don’t know if people are actually going to show up…but they did!
  • I am so unAmerican in my appreciation of the inauguration and the history of Obama’s presidency.  It just doesn’t get me excited, because I don’t think he is the cure for what ails us as a country.  It’s a good thing that this is a monarchy or I would be beheaded shortly.
  • The highlight of my week so far was taking the LifeChurch sticker of our Connections Pastors window.
  • Being a Dad is the most cool thing that a guys can do…besides actually making the babies of course. 🙂
  • God has grown Oak Leaf Church by 40% so far this month and we have one more week to go…that’s incredible in case you are wondering.
  • The Gators won their second National Championship in football in three years.  Go Gators!!
  • My hot and slightly round wife is being induced sometime between midnight tonight and 7 am tomorrow morning.  At least that’s what they tell me…if they have a bed.
  • I took a Strengthfinders test online and it told me that my strengths are Competition, Strategic, Significance, Futuristic and Responsibility.
  • I am a Mt. Dew fanatic, but I think I am going to need to switch it up because it’s not as satisfying these days.
  • We formed a Finance Team at Oak Leaf Church and it an awsome group of guys that I truly belive have the best interests of Oak Leaf Church in mind.
  • I am not nearly as motivated to read books this year as I was last year…that sort of worries me.
  • I probably should get a personal trainer, but I know Mitch Moyer is way too busy for me. 🙂
  • To Twitter or not to Twitter…that is the question.
  • I am hungry, so I am going to lunch.
  1. Adam McEntyre says:

    Dude, it sounds like things are going pretty good. God has truly blessed you this year. Congratulations on the new baby. And the answer is definitely to Twitter.

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