You deserve an Emmy!

Posted: January 28, 2009 in Random

One of the real highlights of my week are often my Benevolence appointments.  Those that come from inside our church are usually heartfelt and emotional because it really feels like it’s the Church being the Church when we help one of our own.

The meetings that happen from time to time with those “off the street” are much more interesting and usually involve a lot of crying and a story that you would think they read out of some novel its so crazy.

Here is a recap of my favorite (guy version):

I was sitting in my office when Helen (our Office Manager) knocks on my door and brings me an emotional lady who has tears streaming down her face and welling up in her eyes.  The lady quickly tells me that she is here needing assistance to get to Chattanooga to see her son that fell of a 3-story building.  She says he is very badly injured and her daughter in-law is in the parking lot in her van that is running on fumes…she wants us to help with gas money.

So, I do what seems to be the sensible thing…ask for her son’s name and the hospital name.  She gives me both and I grab the phone to confirm her story.  As I do she kinda sits forward, looks out the window, and tells me she needs to check on her ride because it looks like they are leaving.  I’m now talking to the hospital during which time I learn that they have never heard of this person.

I then go out to see Helen to see where the lady went and she tells me that she sprinted past her desk in a terrible hurry and didn’t look like she was coming back.

You can draw your own conclusions, but if that was made up story she deserves and Emmy.

  1. Todd Lollis says:

    This is insane. The same lady gave me the same story a couple of weeks ago. When I asked to confirm some info., she did the same thing.

  2. agratto says:

    That’s awesome. At least we are smart enough to not fall for her tricks!

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