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Posted: February 3, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

I have heard a bunch of leaders that talk about leadership, church growth, and going to the next level make some interesting statements that I’ve come to realize are only partially true.  Managing a budget at a small business and a large one is basically the same, just more zeros.  Managing the building that seats 200 is not completely different then managing the one that seats 2000…just takes a larger maintenance team.  The real difference in a company that has doubled in size is working as a staff member that goes through the change.

Everyone that works at a large corporation or organization knows that there is way different protocol when solving problems, getting things done, complaining, suggesting ideas…as there is in a “mom and pop” business.  When you can know everyone or can work with only certain types of individuals everything is much simpler.

I’ve notices over the last couple months that things have changed and shifted at our church both because of our size and because of what we are asking our staff to do.  It has caused me angst, because I can’t use the same methods to get things done and everyone responds so different to my attempts to motivate them.

When you go from managing doers to managing leaders you will have to change your strategy.  A coach that is trying to motivate his offensive linemen to block better can’t just say, “Block better!!”  He has to motivate them to block better.  A lady managing a daycare can’t ask her staff to care about the kids as if they were their own, she has to show them and motivate them.

This is where I write the conclusion and what I am going to do different, but that basically what I’m trying to find out.  You would think a three-sport athlete, a coach of 4 years, and former business owner would have picked up enough motivational and inspirational techniques, but this is such a different ballgame.

Check back for the conclusion…

  1. Daniel S. says:

    You are right about using diferent aproaches or perspectives when motivating and change, wish you luck!

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