What’s real Leadership?

Posted: February 14, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

Leadership is the buzzword of this generation of Pastors, Teachers, Politicians, and Coaches.  It’s probably always been extremely important, but it seems that the plethora of books, conferences and pontificators has led it to be on the forefront of everyone’s mind.

I would probably agree with John Maxwell that leadership can be summed up in one word: “Influence” if it wasn’t for another word…

Obviously, you can’t just tell people influence others and everything will be fine.  My word, which I feel is a legitimate one-word explanation can be repeated as a way to know how how to accomplish any organizational objectives: “Clarity.”

Don’t be fooled it’s just as important as influence, but it’s way easier to explain.  Why? Because anyone one with clarity of what they are to actually suppose to be doing, creating a friendly atmosphere (you fill in the blank), will not get confused when other things pop up or they are given tasks that seem to lead them down a different path.

I feel like this became very real to me as a teacher. A teachers world is very inward focused, because you have 30 teenagers staring at you and if you are under prepared they could make you life a living Hel…you get the point.  You often err on the side of making sure that they are busy, so that you don’t have worry about cell phones, side conversation, etc.  When you do that though, you miss the point.  The reason is because what you are dying to hear from an administrator is that you are suppose to make sure that they understand Algebra, pass their end of semester test, and know what to do to stay in their good graces (the Principal’s).  Getting that clarification and having it repeated over and over, really helps you keep the main thing the main thing.

Here is the deal most people say they don’t want a boss, but they would be clueless without it.  Nobody thrives without parameters and clarification of what they are suppose to accomplish.  Plus, most people get themselves in the most trouble when they try to create their own agenda or objectives, because it hasn’t been clarified.

It’s not a secret…clairify for people what the expectations are, their parameters to accomplish their objectives, and how they can please you as their supervisor and you are unlikely to have problems.


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