Which would you choose?

Posted: February 17, 2009 in Random

I am a sports fan…just about every sport is appealing to me and I have some interest in attempting to learn almost everything to see if I could be any good.  I have often thought about being a pro bowler, because I can not play for a year and then go out and bowl a 200 game in my 2nd or 3rd game.

Anyway, in thinking of sports I have often wondered about why coaches win National Championships, World Championships, or Conference Championship and then fall off the face of the Earth never to do anything special again (you probably have a few coaches or a team in your mind right now)…Tubby Smith, John Gruden, FSU, Bob Brenly.

So, here is my question…would your rather be a part of a team that is consistently good or would your rather win it all and then be terrible for a long time (or just miserably average) before getting another shot at glory.

I don’t know what Bob Stoops would choose, but it’s got to be incredibly painful to work so hard to get to the championship game and then fail so many times.  Maybe more painful then never making it?



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