Posted: February 26, 2009 in Church Leadership

This morning we had our monthly Oak Leaf Church All-Staff meeting.  This month the group was a little smaller due to the fact that Michael and Tracy were out of town on family vacations.  Next month we are going to have to bring in chairs to hold the people, because we are desperately trying to hire 4-6 people to give our staff some help.

Being that Michael was gone he asked me to lead the meeting and I wanted to recap the lesson I shared our staff.

We have been reading Maxwell’s book, 360-Degree Leadership, and one of things that I felt was important for anyone with a boss (especially if it’s a Pastor), which includes those that attend and volunteer at their church, is to maintain a high level of respect for that person.  After all they are God’s chosen leader for that flock.

I shared a personal story of my Dad always telling us kids that we should treat our mother and each the same way we would treat our Granny.  He would say, “You wouldn’t get annoyed with her, fuss at her, or give her a hard time if she asked us to do something.”  “Why would we treat those that mean so much to us so poorly?” he would ask.  Then I talked about David’s almost deadly respect for Saul, that wouldn’t allow him even to mess with his clothing without feeling bad.  Finally, I wrapped it up with saying that we need to be careful to approach God with a very healthy level of respect for how He is and what He has done for us.

I think we all need a little more respect for our co-workers, a renewal in our appreciation for our bosses, and to be very careful how we pray and/or approach God…but that’s just me.


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