Daniel Fast

Posted: February 28, 2009 in Church Leadership, Theology

We are embarking on one of the most important weeks in the life of our church shortly.  This Sunday we are holding a prayer service at the House of Rock at 6 PM.  The idea is for us to kick start off the week with corporate prayer and then dive into fasting and prayer on an individual basis through the week. We are praying for our big offering on March 8th and for God to speak to our church about how they can help us with the Redemption of our building.

My personal choice for the week is going to be a Daniel fast…of the 10-day variety.  There are lots of variations of this fast both in length and content.

My hope was to provide those that are looking to seek God at a deeper level (or specific guidance) a guide for the food and discipline portion of the fast.  Hopefully, I can also encourage all of the Oak Leafers who read this blog to participate in some variation of this or some other fast as they seek God’s will for their financial participation in this fast.


  1. […] you’re doing a Daniel fast, Anthony wrote about it here.  Here’s a pastor’s wife who also blogs about her journey through a Daniel fast. […]

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