Don’t apologize…

Posted: March 3, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

I get the whole humility thing.  According to my wife, I’m not good at practicing it, but I understand the heart behind understanding why you have what you have.

However, one of the things that I don’t understand is why there is this attitude among Christians that sort of promotes this idea of sharing or shying away from competition.  I don’t know if Jesus would ever have told Peter to avoid preaching around Paul, because some Christians would stop listening to Paul and start following Peter sermons.  As long as they were preaching about the same Jesus, what is the problem?

They don’t do this in the secular world and it leads to success.  Do you think sends apology letters to businesses when they come to town, because they know they are going to put out of business a bunch of poorly run “Mom and Pop” companies?  Somehow, I seriously doubt it.

It think that the reality is that some Christians don’t want to be pushed or pulled out of their comfort zone.  They don’t want some guy that is a way better husband around their wife.  They would hate it if the church down the road has a better preacher.  It would annoy them to know end to hear that the new Christian Barber is twice the Barber then the old Christian Barber.

It seems that the consensus attitude is to avoid improving and instead ask people to take it easy to avoid the challenges that come from being confronted in our inadequacies.  Personally, I love to be around people better then me at leading, teaching, pastoring, fathering, and taking care of themselves.  It always inspires me to do better.

How about you…do you want to guy who runs 5 miles a day to blow out his knee or do you want to buy some running shoes?

  1. jdellis says:

    Good post. I agree!

    Bill Hybels wrote that “as leaders, we owe it to God to constantly strive to get better.”

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