Say Thanks!!!!

Posted: March 17, 2009 in Random

One of the first things parents make their kids pray for is food.  It’s just an easy and natural thing to force kids to be grateful for on a regular basis.  I mean what kid won’t say, “Thanks God,” when they know they will get pizza afterward?  Oh, wait that’s my kid!?

So, tonight I had a standoff with Micah, who was not willing to say “grace” for his food.  It went from, no pizza until you say it, to if you don’t say it we are going in the bathroom…if you know what I mean.

Basically, Micah had to be threatened to be grateful for dinner and he was completely willing to skip it to not have to say his prayers.  Weird…but he is two.

Yep…there is a lesson here.  How many times does God have to take something away from us before we are grateful we had it?  I mean, do you really find yourself saying thanks for your things until He reminds you that you have something?  Maybe you are a studly spiritual person, but if you are like my boy…tell God thanks…OR ELSE!!

  1. prockey says:

    Real good stuff here. I think all of us parents who try to build faith at home have dealt with this one. I’m glad to see that taking dinner away from a thankless person isn’t seen as cruel… I’ve done it and questioned my tactic.

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