Glory Days…

Posted: March 18, 2009 in Church Leadership, Random

There is always a very strong chance that your best years of hair, fitness, and stamina are behind you.  After all, you are aging and there is little chance that your metabolism is going to be higher when you are 50 then when you were 19.  I can remember being able to eat an entire Hungry Howie’s Pizza for a snack, go home eat dinner and not gain a pound.  Now I drink a Mt. Dew and I need to go up a belt loop.

When it comes to my career and our church I feel like the best days are ahead of us.  I think that I will be a better leader, strategist, Pastor, and developer in the future then I was when we got started.  It’s great what God has done in our church, but it’s wild to think of what we will be able to do with experience.

Nothing would be sadder for a church or a person, then for them to experience great success and then rest on their success and ride it without trying to grow.  Oak Leaf has seen ridiculous growth, but there is nothing stopping us from seeing God do even more through our church.  I feel like over the last six months, I have growth more then during the first 2 years of Oak Leaf.

I love the way Matt Chandler said it, “You are stupid now.  But, if you don’t look back at you 10 years ago and think that guys was way stupider…you have a problem.”

If you ain’t growing you are dying…and probably getting fatter. 🙂


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