Apple vs. PC

Posted: April 6, 2009 in Random

I’m not going to write a blog full of stats here, but I had an interesting conversation with a random dude at the gym that is prompting my attempt to start a debate or at least think about a growing trend out loud.

The Apple fad/phenomenon really boils down to coolness.  I’m dead serious, I had a Dell laptop or desktop for as long as I can remember and it never crashed on me, I never had to replace the hard drive and it did everything I needed it to do…surf the web, write papers, check e-mail, listen to music, etc.

It seems like the growing trend now is that everyone wants to pay 2.5 times more to have a silver covered computer with white-lit apple, to do the exact same things.  I could be wrong, but why do you “need” a Macbook Pro?  Out of the 4 we own as a church 3 of them have had the hard drive crash and then subsequently had to pay for them to be replaced.

I am absolutely satisfied with my Macbook Pro, which is mad at me for writing this, but it doesn’t do more for me then my PC did. I guess it just seems like a silly fetish for anyone that isn’t making videos for a living.  Even those people (who I used to teach school with) said there are great PC based programs.

For giggles and grins.  PC vs. Apple.  Said another way $1500 vs. $2500.  Seriously?

  1. david says:

    i usually like your posts, Anthony. BUT I REALLY LIKE THIS ONE!

    you’ve nailed it…

  2. Mitch says:

    Well several years ago I got my first Mac after many years of PC life. At the time it was all about moving to a cooler software and having that Apple on the cover. After leaving my last staff position I turned n my Macbook and begain thinking of purchasing my own. Then I got to thinking almost 90% of what I do I do is from a browser. I have moved everything to Google. Then I started pricing and seeing the vast difference in price between components offered. After exploring Vista and seeing the difference between cost the only thing left was the. Coolness factor. I asked my kids and they still think I am cool so I took my money and bought a Dell M1330 and I lve it! Guess I won’t be going back to Starbucks anymoore:)

  3. jonathan sutton says:

    all depends on who you talk to, eh?

    for me, having used nothing but a PC prior to coming on f/t at OLC, I’d say that a mac is SUPERIOR to the PC. a mac is way faster, does better media, and occasionally does the dishes for me. as far as looks go, I could care less. afterall, i was given one of the girly white macbooks.


  4. mitch moyer says:

    The argument about a Mac being faster and superior from a hardware stand point is a thing of the past. For the same amount of money that you pay for Macbook (2.0 ghz processor and 2 meg of Ram and a 80 gig 5400 rpm drive) I was able to get a 2.5 ghz, 4 mg ram 300 gig 7200 speed drive and safe . The rest is a software preference. I even like the look of the M1330:)

  5. prowebscape says:

    For me, OSX is a better operating system. It utilizes CPU and RAM much more efficiently. I design websites and have Photoshop, Mail, RSS, XP via Fusion, and about 10 other apps open all the time. All on a 2GHz macbook pro. I only shut down my Mac whenever I travel or install something that requires a reboot. I used to have to restart XP a few times a day to ‘clear up the RAM’ because it got slow, and that was a 3GHz machine.

    So for me, OSX is more efficient. For my wife, her mac is just easier. I like not having to worry about virus’ for her either.

  6. amandafrisbee says:

    i had a dell laptop for four years in college, and in my opinion, it was good for about six months. it turned itself off all the time…froze all the time…was SUPER slow, and sometimes, it would even talk to me…that is not a joke. ask tracy. it would start playing a song that i didn’t even have on my computer. it was ridiculous. i now have a mac, and i’m completely in love with it. i think that it totally depends on personal opinions, and for me, once you go mac, you never go back.

  7. agratto says:

    Apple is sure taking over the world. Every TV show and Movie these days has a Macbook Pro Cameo. I’m not giving up my Macbook without a fight, but I don’t know if I had to buy my own computer I could justify the 40% difference in price to check e-mail, surf the web, and Twitter.

  8. dan says:

    Pro Presenter only runs on a Mac and it is be best presentation software I’ve used for church work.

  9. Mitch says:

    I will not argue that Macs are the way to go if you are using software that is at home on a Mac. The argument is no longer valid power vs. power. As I have move most of my production to cloud computing it makes no sence to pay 500-800 more for the joy.

  10. Mark says:

    You lost SEVERAL cool points there Mr. Excel

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